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Yago Eco

Pink Statement Earrings with Sterling Silver Posts

Pink Statement Earrings with Sterling Silver Posts

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Those colourful earrings were handmade from RECYCLED SINGLE-USE PLASTIC WASTE collected from the East London community. The colours come from carrier bags of well-recognised UK supermarkets and high street brands. Each piece of YagoEco jewellery is a one-off creation. Due to the melting process, the pattern on each earring is different and unrepeatable. This gives you a unique piece of accessorising.

Size: Circle - 5cm

Weight: 7g each

Material: Recycled plastic from single-use carrier bags

Delivery: FREE UK delivery

Findings: sterling silver five-sided element

Packaging: Eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging

YagoEco gives you an affordable alternative to fast fashion and mass-produced accessories.

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