The Brand Story

Polish Engineering meets British Design 

My name is Jagoda Sudak Keshani but friends call me Jay. I was born in Poland in the early 80s and moved to the UK in 2006. My very diverse education contributed to creating a jewellery brand different from any other. All my creations are handmade in London from recycled materials I collect from the local community. I am also a mum of two young children so environmental issues are very important to me.

In 2017 I wanted to bring a bit of balance to my life and started to make jewellery out of leather cut- offs as I saw my grandmother using that material to create beautiful art pieces many years ago. At that time I also worked part-time at the University College London as a data analyst and took care of my then 2 years old son. I enjoyed the creative process very much and started to think about making jewellery for a living. I have attended a business course run by my local council and was advised to think more about sustainability. Then the idea of melting plastic carrier bags came to my mind. I went for a run and saw a plastic bag flying in the air. I instantly recalled a YouTube video where someone was melting a plastic bag with iron and thought I will give it a try. In five years, I have developed the process of transforming plastic waste into beautiful jewellery pieces.

My jewellery is dedicated to every hard-working woman who wants to look elegant the whole day, appreciates handmade quality and cares about the environment our children will live in.