Eco Jewellery Parties

Three independent eco jewellery designers got together to bring the extra spark to your party time. Now the relaxing time with your friends can be enhanced with a show of this great eco jewellery collection. We can guaranty every one of your guests will find something for themselves as we offer a broad range of accessories from minimalistic carrier bags studs to extraordinary dangles made from CDs and filigree designs of origami jewellery made from waterproof paper. This is the perfect girl night in for everyone who loves environmentally friendly and sustainable products. To check availability please email


KTCD Jewellery
Formisano YagoEco Accessories 

KTCD Jewellery was born of a passion for recycling and beautiful jewellery. Each piece has been handcrafted from old CD's, reemerging as something beautiful resembling Murano glass, but very lightweight and easy to wear.


I have always made jewellery - I am an opera singer by training but also like to create with my hands. After learning how much plastic in the UK is not recycled but shipped off overseas I wanted to find a way to upcycle plastic into jewellery. Discovering how to process old cds into something really beautiful has been such a joy - not just creating something exquisite to wear, but reusing plastic that would otherwise end up in landfill.


I hand craft every single piece myself - I prepare the cd by removing the label, cutting the cd by hand, painting each piece and then treating with heat. I then make the finished tiles into beautiful jewellery. It is a long process but very rewarding - the finished tiles always make me smile after such a long process - they really do look like squares of Murano glass! And then I put them together and make a piece of jewellery.


All the earrings are very comfortable to wear - from the 1cm square studs to the large, dramatic pieces. 


There is so much plastic in our world that goes into landfill or the oceans, this is my small contribution to repurposing some of that unwanted plastic. I hope wearing my jewellery will bring you joy, not only from its beauty but also the feeling of wearing something that was unwanted created into something new - and sparkly! I hope it will start a conversation about what we can reuse in our homes - even the packaging is recycled!


Katy x

 YagoEco is eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical jewellery and accessories brand created in London UK. All products are handmade from single-use plastic carrier bags collected from the East London community. Incorporating zero waste practice, we aim to help to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic bags serving the community and providing affordable fashion accessories for environment lovers.