We are too poor to buy cheap stuff.

We are too poor to buy cheap stuff.


"We are too poor to buy cheap stuff." said my father. I needed over 30 years to understand the significance of his words. I grew up in a middle-class Polish household. I never felt the need for more. Of course, the pair of Levis's jeans was my dream, but so everyone's else. I remember times when there was nothing to buy in the corner shop. When something suddenly appeared, people stood in line for hours to get it.

The time changed, and the market flooded with extremely affordable foreign production. The kaleidoscope of colours and variety was extraordinary for people who had not seen it before. The products, however, lack quality and durability. They didn't last. They were designed to be replaced quickly, producing waste and continues expenses.

I was raised by a minimalist. Knowing how little we need to be happy, to live an uncluttered life, to appreciate people, connections and experience instead of running to buy another shiny thing. I do not own many things, but the things I own have a meaning to me. They bring comfort and beauty, they make me feel special. They make me feel me.

If you shift your perception, you may also be able to see it. Simplifying your life, and getting rid of unnecessary clatter and noise may bring clarity and peace. Becoming a minimalist is the first step to sustainable living.

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