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Although there is no official definition for sustainable fashion many would describe it as fashion that has been manufactured and marketed in a sustainable way. For clothing to be sustainable they need to be made from materials with a low environmental impact such as plant-based fibres (organic cotton, hemp, linen), semi-synthetics (orange fibre, pineapple fibre, lyocell) or recycled materials and sustainably produced animal-based fibres (alpaca, silk, responsible wool). 

But what happens to those of us who aren’t sure which fashion brands are sustainable or how to style sustainable clothing? Well that’s where Sustainable Stylists come in!

What do Sustainable Stylists do and how are they different to other fashion stylists?

Sustainable Stylists work for individuals who are looking to revamp their wardrobe to find sustainable clothing that makes them feel and look good. They are different to traditional fashion stylists in that they focus on sustainable and slow fashion and how it can be integrated into your wardrobe.


Carol Hanson


Carol Hanson identifies herself as a Conscious Wardrobe Stylist and her goal is to inspire women to have a conscious approach to style. Like other fashion stylists, Carol has a passion for clothes and how they make us feel, but as a sustainable stylist she is also aware of the negative effects the fashion industry has on our planet. Through her services and blog Carol is working to help women make responsible wardrobe choices, whether it is de-cluttering your wardrobe and donating the clothes you no longer wear or how to sustainably express your personality through the clothing you already own. 

Carol offers an amazing variety of fashion helpful services on her website:

  • Colour Analysis: how to wear and look amazing in the right colours for you.

  • Image Consultation: how to create your own style blend and showcase the features you love.

  • Wardrobe De-Clutter: how to de-clutter your wardrobe and feel fantastic about the clothes you keep.

  • Personal Shopping: a personal shopping experience to help those who struggle to pick and purchase the right clothing.

  • Wardrobe Magic Consultation: how to discover and express your unique personality through your clothes to create your own wardrobe magic.
  • Online courses include:

    • Accessorise with Style and Confidence: how to save money on accessories and maximise their potential. 

    • Minimum Wardrobe, Maximum Style: how to minimise your wardrobe while maximising the potential of each piece of clothing you want to keep.

    Along with her fashion services, Carol has an excellent informative blog about all things sustainable fashion including subjects such as minimising your wardrobe, how to save money on clothes and why you might be suffering with wardrobe guilt. 


    Armelle A. Ferguson

    Armelle A. Ferguson is an Ethical Personal Stylist and Sustainability Coach for women who are looking to live a fulfilling life while looking good in ethical and sustainable clothing. Her goal is to help women stay true to their values as they lead an ethical lifestyle, particularly when it comes to what they wear. Are stuck in the same cycle of picking a non-ethical outfit from your non-sustainable wardrobe? If yes, then you need to visit Armelle’s website and join her community that will inspire you to thrive sustainably.

    Armelle offers some useful and informative free downloadable guides on her website:

    • Fabrics 101: a guide on understanding fabrics and choosing the sustainable options.

      • Conscious Lifestyle 101: a guide on how to convert to a sustainable lifestyle.


        • Photoshoot 101: a guide to help you plan and style your dream photoshoot.

        She also offers an easy-to-follow eight-week styling programme:

        • Sustainably Styled 1:1: with 1:1 coaching Armelle will help guide you through the world of sustainable fashion and creating your own signature style by only purchasing sustainable clothing. This is a transformative programme that will leave you with a better understanding of ethical and sustainable fashion and help you see that you can still look good while staying true to your values. Alongside her helpful guides, eight-week programme and supportive community, Armelle has an amazing blog. She covers important and relevant topics including how to break up with fast fashion, finding your signature style and how to transition to a sustainable wardrobe. 


        Roberta Lee


        Roberta Lee is a sustainable stylist for both men and women and her aim is to empower them to take control of their style narrative so that they can accomplish a sustainably conscious wardrobe. Inspired by issues related to gender equality, the environment, animal welfare and worker’s rights, Roberta has made it her focus to inspire her clients to ‘Wear their Values’. 

        Roberta offers a fantastic range of curated services to help with styling:

          • Event Styling: a selection of handpicked sustainable outfits to match your style, complexion and body shape. Perfect for avoiding the stress of spending hours picking the perfect outfit.

          • Style Makeover: a 2-day intensive makeover that will help you find your style and wear your clothes confidently.

          • Colour Analysis: help in discovering your skins natural undertones and how to compliment it with clothing.

          • Men’s Styling: how to create a sustainable wardrobe that makes you look good and feel confident.

          • Personal Shopping: help with shopping for ethical and sustainable clothing from trusted brands.

          • Personal Branding: help with understanding your style and what it says to the world. Create your own signature style.

          • Wardrobe Edit and Styling: help with de-cluttering your wardrobe and discovering new outfit combinations.

          • Body Shape Analysis: a full body measurement to help you choose the best clothes for your body type.

        Not only does Roberta Lee offer some incredible services, she also regularly writes for magazines and appears on TV to help educate and inspire others to make the transition to sustainable fashion. Roberta also writes for a blog on her website and often reviews sustainable and ethical products, as well as interviewing sustainable fashion experts. 

        These Sustainable Stylists will enlighten you to how clothing has an impact on who we are and how we feel about ourselves. Whether you just want to learn more about living a sustainable lifestyle or transitioning to sustainable fashion, or looking for a completely ethical wardrobe makeover, these amazing stylists are worth your attention.


        Note: All pictures were sourced from the stylists website.

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