Collaborate to Zero Waste

Collaborate to Zero Waste

We were so excited to participate in this unusual collaboration with a company called Y.O.U Underwear. The company makes beautiful underwear from Certified Organic Cotton and is also Fairtrade and PETA-Approved Vegan. They contacted us a few months ago and asked if we could turn their deep green postal bags into earrings. They have then purchased the earrings wholesale and added them to their Zero Waste online market.  

This idea helps small companies like Y.O.U Underwear fulfil their Zero Waste policy and we were so happy to

be able to help.

The unique YagoEco / Y.O.U Underwear collection contains 20 pairs of earrings in deep dark green colour. If you are a forest green fan, you may want to check them out here

A sneaky peek from the creation process:

1. Removing all non-plastic components.
It was important to remove all stickers and glue straps so they don't get melted into plastic.

2. Colour and material testing.
The postal bags were made from LDPE which may sometimes trap a lot of air inside the plastic and create not always desirable air pockets. A small amount of HDPE was added to fill up the gaps, increase durability and bring interesting colour contrast. Few colours were tested but white seemed to be the most interesting combination.
3. Prototyping.
One pair of earrings has been made to demonstrate the material and design.
4. Final collection.
10 pairs of circle studs and 10 pairs of teardrop dangles made this extraordinary collection now available to purchase at
If you would like to discuss the collaboration possibility to help you reduce your company plastic waste, please email us at Please be informed we are a small family business with no facility to process industrial waste.
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