Can a Key Ring change your plastic habits?

The UK's environmental problems will be less severe if there were not so many single-use plastics finding their way into our daily lives. Plastics can be replace, and if they are, the single-use plastic problem reduces significantly. Coffee cups, cotton carrier bags, and refillable water bottles are examples of items that can be reused. Unfortunately, they're not being reused as often as they should.

Think about it, if you can afford to reuse a coffee cup, why do you need a new one every day? There is an answer to that question of course. You simply forget to. The UK is not facing a single-use plastic sponsored environmental disaster because people don't care about the environment, it is because their daily routine makes it easy to skip doing the right thing. If you can get a new water bottle at a corner shop, it's hard to remember carrying a refillable bottle around.

There are many reasons why we should change our plastic habits. Here are a few statistics from the EVERYDAY PLASTIC report:

  • The UK throws away over 295 billion bits of plastic yearly.
  • Only 10% of the plastic collected for recycling is recycled.
  • 93% of the plastic waste comes from single-use packaging
  • most of the single-use packaging is not currently recyclable


    eco key ring

    Undoubtedly, urgent solutions are needed to help change those numbers and save our environment. If the problem is influenced by our forgetfulness,  the solution must be how to remember. Fortunately, YagoEco has found a simple yet effective way. What is the last thing you look at when you leave your home? Shoes, the door... your keys? Many types of stickers have been tested at the entrance door but ultimately, they all fall off. In contrast, attaching an eco key ring handmade from recycled single-use carrier bags to your keys brings a permanent solution. People who tested it reported a high success rate.

    How does it work? Simple. You're going to look at your keys before you leave home. When you do, you'll also notice your Eco Key Rings which will help strike a connection with your reusable items. This way, you'll always remember to carry your reusable items.

    The Eco Key Rings are handmade in London from the carrier bags collected from the local community. They come in different shapes and sizes with colours depending on donated bags. They are available  online with free UK delivery. You can also find them at many independent retailers. If you would like to stock them in your vegan cafe or eco-friendly shop, please get in touch. This is the time to act. The environment cannot wait, and with the Eco Key Rings, it doesn't need to.

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