Born Again

Born Again

The creative process of YagoEco jewellery is described below. Firstly the transformation of single-use plastic into the raw material takes place, later the finishing touches are applied to create unique pieces called by some "wearable art". The process has been inspired by the global recycle plastic community called Precious Plastic funded by Dave Hakkens in 2013.

In a brief summary, the process involves:


Single-use plastic carrier bags are collected from the local community currently on a small scale mostly involving family and friends. Get in touch if you would like to donate your carrier bags.


All bags need to be cleaned and dried before they can go into the next step. All impurities will be visible in the raw material if not first removed.


The plastic bags are then cut into small pieces to improve the colour combination and produce the desired outcome.


You may think about the cheese on your pizza here and you would not be far from true. High temperature needs to be applied to transform the plastic into the liquid form again.


Once the transformation process is completed and thick sheets of raw material are produced, a CNC machine is used to shape the creation. Each plastic sheet is unprecedented and impossible to reproduce. This ensures that each piece is original and truly unique.

Finished touch

All jewellery pieces are sanded and polished by hand to ensure the highest quality.
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